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Scared People

Its a been a long time i haven’t post a blog here… My first blog i want to post is about Scared People, I find it very interesting and it really help me a lot ..Its a writing of my favorite author..,..

” I have wanted to write about people who have been hurt by love.These are the people who have tried to reach out and do their best in love, but who have been hurt by the misunderstanding or the inability of others to love in return. Our world is full of them. For some of them,the hurting in love has frightened them into giving up trying to love anymore.For others, at the very least,it has become harder for them to love again.

Many years ago, Fr. Charles Cook called the “the scared people”. They have been scarred by thier encounters in love, and for some of them,the pain is still there.In a beautiful little article, Fr. Cook imagined a dialogue between the Lord and one of these scared people. It goes something like this:

MAN: ” I’ve seen a number of movies lately, Lord like Romeo and Juliet.The love of young people,at least in these movies,is beautiful,so simple, so total,so uncomplicated. They seem so natural, so free in thier emotions,so clear in thier feelings.I wish I could be like that, Lord! But I can’t be! Why is it so? Its beacuase I have been hurt , Lord! I have trusted people and they have betrayed me at times.Many times I have loved and received absolutely nothing in return.I have tried hard to care, and failed- many times. I have shared my secrets with people and heared them whispered to others. A lot of times i have asked for forgiveness because I have hurt someone, and have gotten no response from them at all, only a cold shoulder and silence.I have tried to be nice to people and have gotten only an indifferent stare in return. I’ve been through it, Lord. I’ve fallen on my face so many times. I’ve been banged my shins..I’ve been bruised. Look, Lord, I’m all covered with scars!”

THE LORD: ” Maybe you really haven’t understood deeply enough.Maybe you haven’t learned yet that human life is like that.Life is full of scars.I was scarred. My mother was scarred.All the saints were scarred in one way or another. Because of all the romance around us, we forget that young love isn’t the highest form of love at all.The greatest love comes not from young people, but from scared people. I know that many people stop loving so that won’t be hurt and scarred again.But those people who do try again,who get up and start over again,who continue is spite of all the scars,who leave themselves open to the possibility of being hurt again– these people,the scared people,are able to love in a deeper way, a more understanding way, a richer and warmer way.”

MAN: “I think I know what you mean, Lord. I have met people like that- scarred people who keep on loving- and knowing them gives me courage to try again.the great people,the great lovers are those who continue to love with all their scars. i like scared people, Lord. Scarred people are beautiful!”

Love is a strage commodity indeed, beacuse with all its goodness,there is so much hurt mixed in with it. One of the old songs says: “you always hurt the one you love, but you wish never to hurt” The cross is the world’s greates symbol of love—-“Greater love than this no man has”—but it is also a symbol of suffering. Love is only one side of the coin. On the other side, there always seems to be suffering and hurt. I guess that is what life is all about… Scarred people who keep on loving in spite of the pain are beautiful.

I hopeĀ  it helps this post to you….


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